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Download Digital Audio and Compact Disc Technology by LuC. Baert, LuC. Theunissen and Guido Vergult (Eds.) PDF

By LuC. Baert, LuC. Theunissen and Guido Vergult (Eds.)

Meant to entice audio engineers, scholars and hi-fi lovers, this booklet covers components comparable to: the foundations of electronic sign processing; codes for electronic magnetic recording; compact disc encoding; and electronic audio recording platforms

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However, basic dual-slope integrating A/D converters are too slow for general computer applications. Successive-approximation A/D converters The main reasons that the successive-approximation technique is used almost universally in A/D conversion systems are: the reliability of the conversion technique, simplicity, and inherent high-speed data conversion. Conversion time is equal to the clock period times the number of bits being converted. Thus, for a 1MHz clock, a 12-bit converter would take 12 ^s to convert an applied analog signal.

Practical circuits have buffer amplifiers at input, in order not to load the source, and output, to be able to drive a load such as an A/D converter. The output buffer amplifier must have a very high input impedance, and very low bias current, so that the charge of the hold capacitor does not leak away. Also, the switch must be very fast and have low off-stage leakage. 9. 38 Principles of Digital Signal Processing out Wr-T fc M-J |pa-i ! 10 The effect of using a sample-hold 'DEGLITCHED' OUTPUT |W circuit as a D/A OUTPUT deglitcher Sample-hold circuits are not only used in A/D conversion but also in D/A conversion, to remove transients (glitches) from the output of the D/A converter.

2. The input analog signal is initially switched to the integrator, and the output of the integrator ramps up for a time ta. The slope of the ramp, and hence the integrator output voltage at the end of this time, depends on the amplitude of the analog input signal and the time constant r of the integrator: MN T So the integrator output voltage V0 at the end of time t2 is: 'IN tl The reference signal is then switched to the integrator input, and the integrator output voltage ramps down until it returns to the starting voltage.

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