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16) Let us consider very narrow slits so that the diffraction is very spread out and let us investigate the intensity variations given by Dirracttion by S e v k l Apertures the interference term The maxima are given by and are therefore in the same position as in the former case of two slits separated by the same interval 2a. 17). 7 shours the appearance of the fringes. 17) are called the principal maxima. The intermediate maxima are the secondary maxima. Let us consider n narrow, parallel and equidistant slits.

In addition, electromagnetic waves are not waves of unlimited length: they are emitted in wave trains. Because the lengths of the trains are finite, the atom does not emit a single frequency but a spectrum of frequencies which becomes broader as the lengths of the u7avetrains diminishes. This causes a reduction of the contrast of the fringes and the effect is said to be one of time-coherence or chromatic coherence. Thus the phenomena can be investigated either by introducing the length of the wave trains or by introducing the breadth of the frequency spectrum, that is the monochromatism of the source.

The amplitude of the new diffraction pattern is given by: - The Fourier Transformation Let us put q'=*mq C'=q( We find : whence The n e ~ diffraction . pattern can be deduced from the old one by dividing u and v by m and n. Any enlargement of the aperture in some direction results in the contraction of the diffraction pattern in this direction. 17). 21) The diffraction pattern also bas a centre of symmetry. (c) Translution, in its own plane, of the diaphragm D limiting the wave surfaee The diaphragm D undergoes any sort of translation CC, (Fig.

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