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Download Densities of Alcohols by M. Frenkel, X. Hong, R.C. Wilhoit, K.R. Hall, K.R. Hall, PDF

By M. Frenkel, X. Hong, R.C. Wilhoit, K.R. Hall, K.R. Hall, K.N. Marsh

Info at the densities of natural compounds are crucial for either clinical and business functions. wisdom of densities is necessary in lots of parts, together with custody move of fabrics, product specification, improvement of assorted predictive tools, and for characterizing compounds and estimating their purity. The densities of alcohols have been amassed from the unique literature released from 1870, to early 1998 and severely evaluated. The tables include the unique literature info in addition to their predicted uncertainties, and the evaluated info, in either numerical shape and as coefficients to equations with chosen statistical info. the quantity additionally includes the CASR quantity Index and a Chemical identify Index. The incorporated CD-ROM permits quickly complete textual content index seek.

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Coefficients for the polynomial expansion equations. 1750 · 10−1 (combined temperature ranges, unweighted). 07819 · 10−7 Table 2. Experimental values with uncertainties and deviation from calculated values. ρexp − ρcalc Ref. (Symbol ρexp − ρcalc ρexp ± 2σ est ρexp ± 2σ est T T −3 −3 −3 in Fig. 82 1) Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 1) 58-cos/bow(✕ ) 58-cos/bow(✕ ) 63-amb/tow1) 63-amb/tow1) 63-amb/tow(✕ ) 63-amb/tow(✕ ) 63-amb/tow(✕ ) 63-amb/tow(✕ ) 63-amb/tow(✕ ) 63-amb/tow(✕ ) 63-amb/tow(✕ ) 63-amb/tow(✕ ) 63-tho/mea1) 63-tho/mea(✕ ) 63-tho/mea(✕ ) 63-tho/mea(✕ ) 63-tho/mea(✕ ) 64-dan/bah(✕ ) 64-dan/bah(✕ ) 64-dan/bah(✕ ) 64-dan/bah(✕ ) 64-dan/bah1) 64-dan/bah1) 64-dan/bah1) 64-dan/bah1) Not included in Fig.

Cont. 1 Alkanols, C1 - C4 Table 2. 41 1) Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 17 Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 1) ) ) ) ) ) ) 88-kim/mar( 88-kim/mar( 88-kim/mar( 88-kim/mar( 88-kim/mar( 88-oka/oga( Not included in Fig. 1. ρ ρ Further references: [1872-lin/von-2, 1880-bru-1, 1884-per, 1893-tho/jon, 02-you/for, 06-car/fer, 08-ric/mat, 11-dor-1, 19-beh, 19-eyk, 25-nor/ash, 26-mun, 29-pre, 29-swa, 33-gin/her, 33-nev/jat, 35-hen, 36-ipa/cor, 36-spe, 39-owe/qua, 44-ira, 46-sim/was, 48-wei, 49-dre/mar, 50-pic/zie, 52-dun/was, 54-wes/aud, 55-bou/cle, 55-wes, 56-rus/ame, 62-bro/smi, 63-mcc/lai, 69-bro/foc, 70-sus/hol, 71-des/bha-1, 76-tri/kri, 77-gov/and-1, 80-kas/izy, 83-pik-2, 85-rao/red, 87-kri/cho, 88-cac/cos, 95-red/ram-1, 96-bha/mak, 96-nik/mah, 98-nik/shi].

15 12 Table 1. Experimental value with uncertainty. 15 ρexp ± 2σ est Ref. 3 74-mye/cle 2-Methyl-1-butanol [137-32-6] Table 1. Coefficients of the polynomial expansion equation. 8175 · 10−1 (combined temperature ranges, unweighted). 53533 · 10−4 Coefficient A B C Table 2. Experimental values with uncertainties and deviation from calculated values. 12 kg ⋅ m Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 79 kg ⋅ m Ref. (Symbol in Fig. 1) 63-tho/mea(∇) 63-tho/mea(∇) 63-tho/mea(∇) 68-ano(∆) 82-dap/don( ) 83-fuk/ogi(✕ ) 83-fuk/ogi(✕ ) 83-fuk/ogi(✕ ) 83-fuk/ogi(✕ ) 83-fuk/ogi(✕ ) 83-fuk/ogi1) 83-fuk/ogi1)  Not included in Fig.

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