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Download Deep Self: PRofound Relaxation and the Tank Isolation by John C. Lilly, Craig S. Enright MD PDF

By John C. Lilly, Craig S. Enright MD

Dr. John Lilly, writer of 'The heart of the Cyclone' and 'Man and Dolphin' attracts upon 22 years of groundbreaking clinical examine to offer his notable conception and strategies of 'isolation therapy,' displaying readers tips to spread and adventure new levels of self-awareness and private concord. Dr. Lilly has been learning isolation treatment ever when you consider that he built this system in 1954 at this nationwide Institute for psychological healthiness. because 1973, he has been operating in California with ratings of guys and girls volunteers who've recorded their notable stories, Thse own 'tan logs' at the emotions and fantasies skilled through Burgess Meredith, Robert Wilson, Gregory Bateson, Werner Erhard and others whereas within the isolation tank are offered including the author's hypotheses and observations on peace in isolation as opposed to 'sensory deprivation.' The publication additionally offers criteria and necessities for isolation-tank manufacture and transparent step by step directions on the best way to construct and retain your individual tank. As Dr. Craig Enright says in his foreword: 'The tank is a device for strategy, like meditation...the internal theater...that permits us to extend our wisdom of our inner nation of being...and enriches not just that realm however the process the standard global within which we live.'

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One can learn to control orgasm so that one does not have an ejaculation. Skeletal system Those of you who are acquainted with information from N A S A realize that there is a problem with the skeletal system when the body is not exposed to the usual countergravity forces that one experiences in everyday life. If one is in a prolonged bed rest situation, or floating in a tank situation, or in orbit without exercise, the skeletal system tends to lose calcium and become weak. This takes several days or weeks to occur; for the usual exposures to physical isolation in the tank this is not a problem.

When one perfects one's technique in the tank, one will find that it is an extremely restful situation, so that if one is fatigued and there is a lot of heart and respiratory action, this will calm down with continuation of exposure to the floating environment. Science Applied to Flotation/'Physical Isolation 53 Hyperventilation For changing states of consciousness there is a maneuver, a type of pranayama, from Hatha Yoga. In Western terms this stage is called hyperventilation. In this maneuver, one breathes as fast and as deeply as one can in order to blow off carbon dioxide from the lungs.

Try the experiment and see if this applies to you. Another problem to be considered in studying the gastrointestinal tract is that of feces. In an enclosed circulating system with a filter in it, feces are a problem. It is wise to make a bowel movement Science Applied to Flotation/'Physical Isolation 55 before entering the tank; how soon an urgency for it develops is a function of one's own physiology and one's own psychology. One will find if there is an urgency developing in this region that, like hunger, it can be programmed out and made to disappear; unless, of course, there is some irritation of the gastrointestinal tract causing diarrhea, in which case it is wise not to be undergoing the tank experiment.

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