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Activity levels can range from low to medium, making shielding necessary in some cases. Some constituents often found in decontamination wastes can cause trouble in treatment and conditioning. So abrasives will induce accelerated wear in equipment; detergents will cause foaming if attempts are made to evaporate the solution; strong reagents will severely corrode process vessels; complexants will impair the efficiency of precipitation/flocculation steps and the leaching resistance of the final product; some solutions, if stored together, would cause troublesome precipitations, or even explosive reactions, and some constituents will limit the choice of conditioning matrices.

4. EXECUTION OF THE DECONTAMINATION The actual decontamination was proceeded by series of tests on components and systems to prove their reliability. The first phase of this testing period began on September 30, 1975 by the first filling up and pressurisation of the primary systems. As some difficulties were encountered with the leak tightness of hydraulic penetrations on the pressure vessel (Spray lines), the hydro-test of the primary system was delayed to October 4, 1975. 5 kg/cm^ at a temperature of 150 °C for one hour.

8) Replacement of joints and menbranes in the auxiliary loops involved in the decontamination. 9) Instrumentation All unneccessary instrumentation cells have been isolated. Less attention was paid to the protection of the primary instrumentation cells (pressure, level) because most of them had to be replaced by new ones after the decontamination any way. However, it was guaranteed that these cells could furnish reliable indications during the process of decontamination. New cells had to be installed to implement the instrumentation, the main ones being : - Level and temperature cells for the Spray Storage tank.

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