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Publishers Weekly Dead Run BILL PRONZINI On board a ship sailing from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Dan Connell discovers he is being pursued, but can't figure out why. All he knows for sure is that the chances are they will find him and when they do he's as good as dead. "HERE PRONZINI HAS RETAINED HIS BASIC LOCALE AND CENTRAL CHARACTER USED SO SUCCESSFULLY IN THE JADE FIGURINE.... S. Pangkor, and she was one of the last single-stack steamers that carried passengers and minor cargoes to and from the smaller port towns scattered along both coasts of the Malay Peninsula.

If that makes me a bastard, then I'm a bastard and the hell with it. " He started to say something, changed his mind, and went out without looking at me again. The door banged shut loudly behind him. I went over and opened the porthole again, because the sour odor of Kirby's sweat hung heavily on the stale air. I wanted a beer more than ever now. So I shut off the bulkhead lamp and left the cabin immediately, locking the door after me, and found my way to the saloon. It was still crowded and still noisy.

I considered reporting the theft of my belongings to Holzmein, and through him the Malacca police. But hell, what good would it do? Chances were Maria was no longer in Malacca, and even if she were, the authorities couldn't be counted on to expend much of an effort looking for her, not on what amounted to a charge of petty larceny. Unless, of course, I told them she was the one who had actually witnessed the deep-sixing of Kirby -- but that would mean admitting I had lied to them originally. They wouldn't like that; it might even make them want to interview me personally.

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