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By Prem P. Jauhar

Provided listed here are glossy and classical elements of cytogenetics in addition to biotechnology with regards to development of the Festuca-Lolium crew of grasses. Festuca and its shut relative Lolium are very helpful genera of temperate agriculture. those attention-grabbing genera comprise a few hugely effective, nutritious, and well-adapted grasses commonplace for agricultural and leisure reasons around the world. The booklet is organizedinto 15 chapters dedicated to taxonomy and systematics; species evolution and divergence by means of bring up in chromosome quantity in addition to by means of switch in DNA content material; genetic keep watch over of chromosome pairing and its breeding and phylogenetic implications; B chromosomes, precipitated polyploidy and haploidy inrelation to varietal development; broad hybridization, genome relationships, and plant development; genomic stability on the subject of hybrid fertility and hererosis breeding; biotechnology and its capability purposes in plant development. it truly is of unique curiosity to geneticists, taxonomists, evolutionists, biotechnologists, and plant breeders.

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Arundinacea can be genomically represented as AABBCC. That the three constituent genomes are closely related is borne out by the facts that: 1. There is extensive, in some cases complete, pairing in hybrids of F. arundinacea with diploid species of Lolium-Festuca complex (Crowder 1953a; Buckner 1960; Lewis 1966; Malik and Thomas 1967; Chandrasekharan and Thomas 1971a,b; lauhar 1975c; Springer and Buckner 1982; Thomas et al. 1983; Kleijer 1984). 2. , Gymer and Whittington 1975; lauhar 1975b, 1976; Borrill et al.

Vegetative proliferants are reported to have taxonomic implications. g. , F. ) Sm. (Tutin et al. 1980, p 130, 150). Piper (1906) described a viviparous form of F. rubra L. as F. rubra ssp. prolifera, and Fernald (1933) considered the taxon as a distinct species, F. prolifera (Piper) Fernald. However, vegetative proliferation in most cases is probably environmentally induced and may not have taxonomic value. It is a reproductive and taxonomic anomaly at best. Salient Generic Features 19 Fig. 2a,b Another spontaneous mutant of L.

The parental populations, 45 different hybrid families and several of their reciprocals, were studied meiotically by the present author. Several other Lolium-Festuca hybrids were also analyzed with respect to chromosome pairing. 1 Meiotic Analysis of 10 x 10 Diallel: Chromosome Pairing in a Critical Monosomic Meiotic analysis of the entire 10 x 10 dialle! gave a wealth of information regarding the presence of genetic control of chromosome pairing in tall fescue. However, pairing in only a few crosses will be discussed in this volume.

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