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Download Culture Shock! China: A Survival Guide to Customs and by Angie Eagan, Rebecca Weiner PDF

By Angie Eagan, Rebecca Weiner

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The return to stability and productivity following such a massive disruption of the country’s economy was not swift, nor without political consequences for Mao. Primary among them was a visible retreat from some of his more aggressive policies, in an attempt to appease his increasingly vocal opponents. Overview and History 25 But as with rulers before him, the possibility that his position as the supreme ruler was under threat galvanised Mao into action, and in 1966 Mao’s next major campaign, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, got underway.

Medium-size Chinese towns are often larger than all but the largest US or European cities. In China, to be considered a big city, it has to have a population of at least 5 million people. China has 10 cities with a population over 5 million, compared to 2 in the US. 6 million people is among one of the world’s most heavily Many quips and quotes attest populated metropolitan areas. 4 million and population. ” worldwide. 30 CultureShock! China THE CHINESE PEOPLE First off, it’s important to recognise the complexity of definitions.

This is the bulk of that 300million-strong middle class the UN writes about. Most live in decent apartments, with heaters, running hot water and other amenities their parents rarely and their grandparents never experienced. Ever-increasing numbers aspire to own their own apartments and cars. The following table, following a local penchant for numbering systems, outlines what the Chinese working class have, with more than a grain of truth, called: The Three Most Desired Items in Decades of Chinese Daydreams 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s Sewing machine Colour TV Private apartment Luxury home Rice cooker Refrigerator Car Sports car Bicycle Washing machine Computer Home entertainment system Struggles still abound—even in the best-run companies in China’s wealthiest cities, most workers still commute very long distances (sometimes hours each way) on public 40 CultureShock!

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