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By Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich

Huge direction taught national, yet particularly huge in Florida, Texas, and California. frequently a well-liked non-obligatory yet required of all incoming scholars at a few colleges. Annual enrollments within the direction and present TL industry share.

CULTURE AND VALUES: A SURVEY OF the arts takes you on a desirable journey of a few of the world's most vital examples of artwork, track, philosophy, and literature, from the beginnings of civilization to at the present time. New gains during this variation are designed to make it effortless so that you can comprehend the effect of ancient occasions and values at the works produced by way of every one culture--guided discussions of all the readings, bankruptcy previews, timelines, "Compare and Contrast" sections, "Big Picture" experiences on the finish of every bankruptcy, improved assurance of Asia and Africa, and high quality pictures with transparent captions.

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The fact that most of them have been found in graves suggests that they had a religious function in the funeral ritual. The overwhelming preponderance of female figures seems to indicate that they were in some way connected with the cult of the mother goddess, which was common in Mesopotamia and which 20 ◆ CHAPTER 1 The Beginnings of Civilization dominated Aegean Bronze Age religion. Whether the figures actually represent goddesses remains uncertain. THE MINOANS OF CRETE We now know that the period of the production of the Cycladic idols was one of increasing development on Crete.

AEGEAN WORLD 3200–2700 Predynastic Period c. 3100 Development of hieroglyphic writing c. 6000 Introduction of new agricultural techniques from the East 2700–2250 Old Kingdom: Development of mummification ritual; art reflects confidence and certainty c. 2650 Imhotep constructs first pyramid for King Zoser at Saqqara 2650–2514 Great Pyramids and Sphinx built at Giza 2800–2000 Early Minoan Period on Crete: Growth of Cycladic culture 2250–1990 First Intermediate Period 1990–1790 Middle Kingdom: Art reflects new uncertainty; “Song of the Harper” c.

In addition to producing images of deities, artists were required to provide temples and shrines where the deities could be honored. Even the buildings that commemorated the names and deeds of real people served religious purposes. The pharaoh’s court laid down the standards applied throughout Egypt. Individual artists had little opportunity to exercise their own ingenuity by deviating from them. Values Mortality T he first humans to preserve the bodies of their dead were the Neanderthal people.

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