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By Jean-Philippe Deguine

This publication is a synthesis and a party of a giant physique of agro-ecological study conducted at the administration of the pests of cotton, one of many world�s significant vegetation and one that has traditionally been a truly heavy customer of inputs of insecticides. It demonstrates how agro-ecological techniques to pest administration are finally coming near near the �mainstream�, with an expanding acceptance that farmland grants a variety of environment companies (nature�s items and services), together with yet by no means exclusively comprising the construction of meals.

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S. R. Gliessman (16) defined agroecology as the application of the concepts and principles of ecology to the explanation and management of agroecosystems following a procedure that allows their conversion into sustainable production systems. • M. A. Altieri and C. I. Nicholls (17) defined agroecology as the science of the management of natural resources for poor farmers in marginal environments. Even though it has achieved the status of a separate scientific discipline, agroecology has thus already been the subject of confusion which is doubtless the result of rivalry between different schools of thought.

Connections are established between crop health strategies, management of cropping systems, and planning ecological compensation (planting trees and creating grasslands, for example) to ensure water of good quality and in the right quantities, and to respect biodiversity. Although the certification appears feasible, so far it has had only modest success. 5% (around 2,500 businesses) at the end of 2007, more than three years after the national launching of the certification. It is likely that the technical and financial requirements for assessment are limiting access to the qualification.

In vain! By 1904, the insect was observed in Louisiana, and crossed the Mississippi Cotton, A Case Study 29 in 1908, and arrived south east of Alabama in Georgia. It was soon to become the most destructive insect pest in the whole of North America. In the 1920s, it affected all cotton production areas in the USA. The caterpillars of noctuid moths, which belong to the genera Heliothis and Helicoverpa, are serious pests across the world: Helicoverpa armigera in Africa, Asia and Australia, Helicoverpa zea and Heliothis virescens in America and Helicoverpa punctigera in Australia.

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