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Download Computer Architecture: Complexity and Correctness by Silvia Melitta Mueller, Wolfgang J. Paul (auth.) PDF

By Silvia Melitta Mueller, Wolfgang J. Paul (auth.)

Computer structure: Complexity and Correctness develops, on the gate point, the total layout of a pipelined RISC processor with not on time department, forwarding, interlock, specified maskable nested interrupts, caches, and an absolutely IEEE-compliant floating element unit. not like different layout techniques utilized in perform and in contrast to different textbooks to be had, the layout awarded listed below are modular, fresh and whole as much as the development of whole advanced machines. The authors' systematically basing their strategy on rigorous mathematical formalisms permits rigorous correctness proofs, actual bills selection, and function review in addition to, typically conversing, for assurance of a extensive number of suitable matters inside of an inexpensive variety of pages. The booklet is written as a textual content for periods on computing device structure and comparable issues and should function a worthwhile resource of reference for pros in design.

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31 Construction of a 412-adder tree iJ'(m) adding inputs So, ... ,Sm-l of the tree is a completely regular and balanced 4/2-tree T (M / 4) with M / 4 many pairs of inputs and M /8 many 4/2-adders as leaves. In the top level, we have a many 4/2-adders and M / 4 - a many 3/2-adders. Here, a is the solution of the equation 4a+3·(M/4-a) =m, hence a =m-3M/4. Note that for i = 0,1, ... , the partial products Si,l are entered into the tree from right to left and that in the top level of the tree the 3/2-adders are arranged left of the 4/2-adders.

5 : 1 Eo: 1 0 0 0 0 MULTIPLIERS 0 0 d2 = < a > ·IB2 1 0 + 0 do = < a> ·IBol 0 + .. _---_ ... _--_ .. _----- 1 0 + - ...... ~: 1 0 0 d4 = < a> ·IB41 • • ............................. , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , Qrn'-2 : o 0 + 0 0 I _-' -==--=--_ d 2rn ,_{ < a> • IB2rn '_2 ............................. 6, the computation of the numbers F2j = E2j - S2j hj = binn+3(F2j) 10 binn+4(Fo) is easy, namely hj (1 S2j, d2j E9 S2j) 10 (sososo, do E9 so). , - - - - - . - - - - - - - - - , &> ~ So So So 0 0 ............

Cost and delay of the construction are 26 Cadd2(1) Cadd2(n) = Cxor + Cxnor + Cand + Cor Cadd2(k) +Cadd2(m) + 2· Cmux(k+ 1) Dadd2(1) Dadd2(n) = = max{Dxon Dxnon Dand,Dor } Dadd2(m) + Dmux(k+ 1). 3 Parallel Prefix Computation for an even n Let 0 : M x M -+ M be an associative, dyadic function. 17 for the case that n is even. 17 and one computes Yn-l = Xn-l 0 Yn-2 in a straightforward way using one extra o-gate. The correctness of the construction can be easily seen. From X: = X2i+1 oX2i, it follows The computation of the outputs Y2i = X 2i 0 Y2i - 1 27 Chapter 2 BASICS is straightforward.

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