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219 (1984) 569. , "One-armed fission fragment time-of-flight spectrometer with fissile target near the reactor core", High Resolution Spectroscopy of Fission Fragments, Neutrons, and g-Rays (Proc. Int. ), Rep. FZR 93-08 (1993) 131–136. , HIAWATHA, A fission-fragment recoil mass spectrometer, Nucl. Instr. Methods 147 (1977) 487. , Analysis of 236U-fission products by the recoil mass separator "Lohengrin", Nucl. Instr. Methods, 123 (1975) 615. , Aufbau und Arbeitsweise des Spaltprodukt-Massenseparators Lohengrin am Hochflußreaktor in Grenoble (Design and working principles of the Lohengrin mass separator for fission products at the high flux reactor in Grenoble); Kerntechnik 19 (1977) 374.

Five folders are available on this CD-ROM corresponding to the: * Table of Isotopes * Table of superdeformed nuclear bands and fission isomers * Tables of Atoms, Atomic nuclei and subatomic particle. * Description of Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Bases * ENSDF Manual · In the framework of the NSR/ENSDF, related Nuclear Structure Data & References, and the associated PC tools, a very useful CD-ROM has recently been released, entitled: Nuclear Data and References, PC Applications for Nuclear Science, PCNudat and PapyrusTM NSR by P.

Lett. B 325 (1994) 313–316. , Low-energy fission investigated in reactions of 750 AMeV 238 U-ions with Pb and Be targets, Z. Phys. A 355 (1996) 191–201. , Reaction and fission cross sections of 750 AMeV 238U-ions on Pb, Cu and Al-targets, Z. Phys. A 355 (1996) 69–75. , Determination of the transmutation cross section of actinides, especially long lived ones, by spallation, Patent DE 4410587 C1 950608; AI DE 94-4410587 940326. 1. 1. The Nuclear Data Centres Network The Nuclear Data Centres Network, a worldwide co-operation of nuclear data centres under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has been established to co-ordinate the collection, compilation and dissemination of nuclear data on an international scale.

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