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By T E Smith

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First, the government was caught, somewhat irresolute, between liberal humanitarian groups on one side, urging the abolition of the last relics of the White Australia Policy and an increased intake of non-Europeans, and on the other a small militant group (including some disgruntled whites moving out of black controlled countries in East Africa) who wanted to 'keep Australia white' and formed the Immigration Control Group to press their views and mount antigovernment campaigns in marginal electorates.

They started quite well in the late forties with well over 5000 a year and then reached 6500 a year in the early sixties. 4 per cent of the British Isles total. 5 per cent of British Isles net migration. England has done best of all, contributing a net total of 796,000 or 26,200 a year. Though this intake was very uneven- 22,500 a year in the late forties, eventually up to 43,000 a year in 1966-71, then way down to 7000 a year or less 1975-7it was sufficient to keep the English average at 78 per cent of British Isles immigration, compared with 71 per cent 190 l-40 and 56 per cent in the nineteenth century.

This means that, though Australia has better race information than the UK, it now has Jess comprehensive information than the USA. The net result is that those interested in Australia's newer racial minorities- Vietnamese, Filipinos, Indians, Mauritians, Fijians and so on- have to make do with birthplace records; and these can be very confusing, as with birthplace 'Fiji' which combines in one category persons of Melanesian, Indian and European racial origin, or 'India', which combines in one category persons of Indian, Persian (Parsee) and Arab origin, persons born in India of English military or civil service parents, and children born in India of Anglo- Burmese parents who left Burma after the Second World War and, after some years in India, have been migrating to Western Australia in considerable numbers.

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