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By Richard H. Cummings

In the course of the chilly battle, Radio loose Europe and Radio Liberty broadcast uncensored information and statement to humans dwelling in communist countries. As severe parts of the CIA's early covert actions opposed to communist regimes in japanese Europe, the Munich-based stations drew a wide viewers regardless of efforts to jam the announces and ban voters from hearing them. This historical past of the stations within the chilly struggle period finds the perils their employees confronted from the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Romania and different communist states. It recounts intimately the homicide of author Georgi Markov, the 1981 bombing of the stations by way of "Carlos the Jackal," infiltration by way of KGB agent Oleg Tumanov and different occasions. Appendices comprise defense experiences, letters among Carlos the Jackal and German terrorist Johannes Weinrich and different records, a lot of that have by no means been released

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Reinoch was asked whether Kiripolsky had ever stated that he had been asked by the StB to cross back to the West to work for them. S. intelligence at a press conference. Kiripolsky agreed and was then taken to another area near Prague, where prisoners were wined, dined, and rested before making a public statement. Those chosen to make statements were well briefed and rehearsed before appearing in public. Kiripolsky said he learned his role so well that he became too mechanical in his speech, and the StB finally decided he would not make a very good impression.

Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) went to the Munich police and declared that émigré Michael Ismailov was strongly suspected of espionage and that he intended that night to remove important information directly or indirectly from Germany. Three Munich policemen followed Ismailov that night. M. two 38 Cold War Radio unknown people gave Ismailov a briefcase, which he took and continued on his way. At the next intersection, Ismailov was arrested. The papers contained in the briefcase were submitted to CIC as well as to the Bavarian Land Office for the Protection of the Constitution, since they were written in a foreign language (presumably Russian-language RL scripts).

At times this was centrally coordinated activity, and sometimes the countries ran their own operations. Actions, in this case hostile actions, did speak louder than words in the battle of ideas fought by East and West. Murder of Abdulrachmann (Abo) Fatalibey On Monday evening, November 22, 1954, an eighty-year-old Munich landlady was cleaning a small kitchen, which she rented in her apartment. She moved a couch in the corner of the room and noticed something large underneath. Something she had not noticed in the past.

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