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By Arnaud Brignon

Laser beam combining suggestions let expanding the facility of lasers a ways past what it really is attainable to acquire from a unmarried traditional laser.One step extra, coherent beam combining (CBC) additionally is helping to keep up the very specified houses of the laser emission with appreciate to its spectral and spatial houses. Such lasers are of significant curiosity for plenty of functions, together with business, environmental, protection, and
scientific purposes. lately, major development has beenmade in coherent beam combining lasers, with a complete output strength of a hundred kW already completed. Scaling
analysis exhibits that extra elevate of output strength with very good beam caliber is possible by utilizing latest cutting-edge lasers. hence, the data of coherent beam combining recommendations turns into the most important for the layout of next-generation highpower lasers. the aim of this ebook is to give the newer recommendations of coherent beam combining via global chief groups within the field.

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4 Geometric Beam Combining combine more than two beams; hence, these approaches tend to be lossy due to both direct transmission losses through each stage of combiner and the CBC losses from accumulated wavefront errors imposed by the upstream combiner elements. 9, it is apparent that diffractive elements are uniquely well suited toward the demands of high-power, high channel count CBC. By virtue of their multiport and free space nature, both combining efficiency and power handling favorably compare to other filled aperture approaches, all of which involve multiple optical components and/or guided wave interactions.

Recently, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems adopted an actively phaselocked approach to combine seven 15 kW Nd:YAG slab amplifier chains to demonstrate the world’s first 100 kW electric laser with record-setting brightness [5]. As of this writing, work is underway to extend this technology to achieve similar power levels in a CBC array of fiber lasers with improved BQ and efficiency as well as reduced size and weight [6,7]. Coherent Laser Beam Combining, First Edition. Edited by Arnaud Brignon. Ó 2013 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co.

With unequal power split fractions jDnj2, the RMS variation s D in amplitude transmission coefficients is nonzero. From Eq. 4), one can see that the efficiency of the DOE when used as a beam combiner, rather than as a splitter, will depend on the power balance among channels. The optimum case is when the input field amplitudes are perfectly correlated channel by channel with the DOE transmission coefficients (An / Dn). In this case, the loss term in Eq. 4) that is proportional to the covariance s A(x),D exactly cancels the loss terms proportional to input power and splitter nonuniformities, s2AðxÞ and s 2D .

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