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The plant programmes itself to critically make use of its internal resources with an efficient distribution of regulators and promoters to achieve balanced and maximum flowering. When it comes to flowering, the coffee bush is stimulated to produce various hormones which bring about the development of the flower bud into the reproductive phase. Scientists world wide are still not able to exactly pin point a particular hormone responsible for induction of flowering but have narrowed down to a compound known as phytochrome which is light mediated.

2 Planting Coffee Trees Preparing the Field The area to be planted with coffee must be prepared at least one year before the small coffee trees are planted out. There are five procedures to follow. - Prepare the land. - Plant windbreaks. - Mark out the rows. Establish shade trees. Irrigation. Prepare the Land The land must be cleared and all old trees and their roots removed-do not leave old timber lying around as this attracts pests. With land up to 15% slope, run the rows across the slope making sure there is a fall of 1 to 2% for drainage.

Remove bags with diseased, dead or damaged plants. Continue to keep plants in shade. Two months before field planting, gradually remove the shade to sun-harden the plants. As the plants grow, separate the poly-bags so there is sufficient space for the developing plant to spread. If bags are not separated, the plants grow tall and weak. Diseases and Pests The two common diseases occurring in the nursery are: Damping-off that appears as areas of dying plants. Damping-off is caused by a soil-borne fungi often found in old, diseased potting mixture, over-watering, too much shade or not enough space between plants.

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