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By Mike Reeves-Mcmillan

Urban of mask is a swashbuckling event in a surroundings similar to Shakespeare's Italy (complete with twins). within the city-state of Bonvidaeo, via customized and legislation everybody needs to put on a masks and act in personality with it, or face civil, social and spiritual consequences. Gregorius Bass is distributed to Bonvidaeo because the Envoy of Calaria, essentially to get him out from underfoot. Masked because the blameless guy, and within the corporation of his radical younger Bonvidaoan servant, Bass stumbles into secret, intrigue, heresy and homicide.

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Aye, Mysir, this murder has been done in the manner of the Butcher. " The second of the second month Corius is absent today upon a commission to speak with certain of his contacts in the City, that they might assist us in investigating this hideous murder. I understood from his comments that they are not necessarily such persons as should be officially known to be visiting the Envoy of a foreign power. Strange that a youth of such upright character should have contacts who are criminals, but in this city criminality has at times a definition which I do not understand.

46 The twelfth of the second month I left Corius asleep this morning and went to the office alone. We are less besieged now than formerly, for the word has gone around among the Calarian expatriates that the Watch are at last investigating, and I have resumed my study of the Book of Masks. He has taught me sufficient that I am able to read parts of it for myself and interpret the contents, with some difficulty, so I have been seeking to discover the meaning of the mask worn by Juliana – simply as an exercise for my own understanding.

But what you say is true, Mysir, we should be going, it is not safe to travel even escorted in some quarters after my Lord Sun is absent, for the people who owe allegiance to the night are not such that we should encounter them, and. . " Juliana, at this juncture, rose, and raised her sister by the arm and let her, still clacking, to the door, where by some effort 43 she had Sallia make her farewells. They blessed me once again for my solicitude for Corius and departed, Juliana looking back once to smile, at which I smiled in return.

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