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Download Chitosan in the Preservation of Agricultural Commodities by Silvia Bautista-Baños, Gianfranco Romanazzi, Antonio PDF

By Silvia Bautista-Baños, Gianfranco Romanazzi, Antonio Jiménez-Aparicio

Chitosan within the upkeep of Agricultural Commodities offers a cohesive evaluate of study issues concerning the creation and characterization of chitosan, the improvement of coatings and fi lms, its sensible homes, and antimicrobial strength of this compound on economically very important agricultural commodities. It contains the modes of motion from a physiological, enzymatic, and molecular viewpoint, and reviews of the task of chitosan nanocomposites and nanoparticles in organic models.

The first part bargains with the chemical features and sensible homes of chitosan and new chitosan-based biomaterials meant for foodstuff protection. the second one part covers numerous features of the keep an eye on accomplished by means of chitosan on diversified microorganisms affecting quite a few horticultural commodities, grains, and ornamentals, and its modes of motion. The 3rd part explores enzymatic and gene expression induction by means of chitosan software on fruit and greens; the fourth part bargains perception at the use of chitosan nanocomposites in organic types linked to nutrition conservation and keep an eye on of microorganisms.

  • Analyzes chitosan chemical and useful properties
  • Explores acquiring, characterizing, and constructing chitosan coatings and fi lms for agricultural use
  • Presents sensible houses, antimicrobial power, and modes of motion of chitosan from a physiological, enzymatic, and molecular perspective
  • Includes organic versions of the task of chitosan nanocomposites and nanoparticles

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Therefore, in the latter approach, the enzymes are used as active starting material in the reaction to produce freely diffusible reactive intermediates, so among the enzymes used with this purpose are the polyphenol oxidases (PPOs) such as tyrosinases, peroxidases, and laccases that convert phenols derivatives into o-quinones, which are electrophilic and can react with nucleophilic function, such as the amino groups of chitosan. Even though many reactions between o-quinones with nucleophilic groups have been extensively studied, quinone chemistry and the reaction mechanisms are not clearly understood yet [20,24,91].

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