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Download China's Cultural Relics by Li Li PDF

By Li Li

A part of the tutorial and fantastically produced Cultural China sequence, this publication makes a speciality of the cultural relics which stay of 1 of the oldest civilizations on the earth. It supplies a quick account of the 12 varieties of relics unearthed in China to this point, and discusses them as consultant items which supply a glimpse into China’s previous. In brilliant colour, with illustrations and images accompanying the textual content all through.

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H o w e v e r, t h e v a s t majority had remnants of the original colors, and colors on some were largely intact. China’s Cultural Relics 48 Shown here is a bow man ready to shoot, which was unearthed from Pit No. 2. Figurines square. The No. 3, in the shape of the Chinese character 凹, is the smallest. Altogether, more than 7,000 terracotta figures have been found in the pits along with 1,000 terracotta horses. Excavation of the site has been going on since 1974, bringing into daylight more and more relics.

At either side of the columns there are soldiers protecting the flank. In the No. 2 pit we find 89 chariots driven by 356 horses, more than 900 Figurines 51 Photo shows Pit No. 1, which is 5 meters deep and has a weight-supporting wall every three meters. Some 1,000 terracotta warriors, horses and chariots have been unearthed from the pit. foot soldiers and 116 battle steeds. It is highly possible that these are real battle formations, and that armor suits “worn” by the warriors are imitations of real things.

This assertion is not entirely correct. In the first place, such images do have bodies, and the bodies are quite conspicuous on some of the earliest bronze ware. Secondly, images on bronze ware often have horns that look like cattle or sheep horns, while taotie does not. In our opinion, these images were deliberately made ferocious or mythical to arouse a kind of reverend awe for bronze ware owners. This kind of artistic effect was exactly what aristocrats wanted to achieve by having bronze ware made.

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