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When the amounts of the two nitrogen forms were approximately equal, (ammonium nitrate as sole source of nitrogen in the fertilizer) nitrogen dioxide was visible in the decomposition gas. The main factors t h a t influence the decomposition of compound ferti­ lizers have been outlined. The results mentioned indicate t h a t provided reasonable care is taken with drier temperatures the production of granular fertilizers containing ammonium nitrate and chloride should not present a hazard. In normal operation despite high air temperature the fertilizer granules should not attain the temperature of 160 °C at which vigorous decomposition could occur, or the temperature of 130 °C where the lesser hazard of the slow reaction would be present.

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Water is claimed to retard the propagation. [f Work at Levington Research Station has in the main been carried out in a wire mesh trough of the type used by HTJYGEN and P E R B A L . The general findings support those of the other two groups of workers. Huygen and Perbal's test appears to provide a suitable laboratory test, but for border-line cases a larger test such as t h a t of P A R K E R and W A T ­ CHORN seems preferable. H A I D and K O E N E N [41] advise against the use of blasting in break­ down of caked fertilizers.

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