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By Francio Guadeloupe

In this brilliantly evocative ethnography, Francio Guadeloupe probes the ethos and angle created by way of radio disc jockeys at the binational Caribbean island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. studying the intersection of Christianity, calypso, and capitalism, Guadeloupe exhibits how a multiethnic and multireligious island state, the place livelihoods rely on tourism, has controlled to motivate all social sessions to go beyond their ethnic and non secular modifications. In his pathbreaking research, Guadeloupe credit the island DJs, whose formulations of Christian religion, musical creativity, and capitalist survival convey traditional people's hopes and fears and advertise tolerance.

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That was as far as he got. What he really meant was, “Slavery was bad; you know, the British were harsh with us too, but the island has been good to me and my family. ” Yaya was even coyer. ” When he left, she murmured that he was a real ass. She was a Yu Korsow, a Curaçaon. Yaya did not visit the Emilio Wilson plantation to learn about her roots; she had come to see what it looked like, as she was planning to rent the grounds for Veronica’s seventh birthday party. It was telling. The two renovated plantations on the island had swings and seesaws for the children, and one of them, the Lottery Farm, even served gourmet meals to tourists.

In all this she was displaying her batik dresses to the women as well as enticing them to try on the necklaces and bracelets she had on display. Although the man was all ears, his female companions were more interested in the goods and how they looked. The saleswoman skillfully balanced her time between their wants and the man’s need for a history-lite lesson. She was a historian and a salesperson all in one. Her efforts paid off, as his companions bought several of her touristy pieces and did not ask again about her self-made ones.

Speedy naturalization processes were also accommodated. Everything was done to keep the flow of money, tourists, and workers coming to the island. The only sectors of society that the newcomers had to show absolutely no ambition toward were the political and administrative arenas, as these jobs were reserved for the locals. These locals, or, better put, the offspring of many of these locals, were also coming to harvest the fruits of all the blessings that had been bestowed on SXM. As locals they had the right to run the country.

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