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Download Carpe Diem: Enjoying Every Day with a Terminal Illness by Ed Madden PDF

By Ed Madden

A heartwarming booklet approximately residing with a terminal disorder and making on a daily basis relaxing.

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I've been smothered in hugs and kisses. I find that the little kindnesses I've been able to do for others, time and effort that cost me so little, were received as great gifts and I've been bankrolling a cache of gratitude I knew nothing about. It is found money, and a currency so helpful in my new journey. One of the fortuitous turnings in my life brought me to my current career as a private detective. For a fee I solve clients' problems, but I've occasionally been able to use the same abilities and facilities for the good of friends, in cases where a bill or an offer to pay would have insulted us both.

It is the burning of organs that can cause reactions such as vomiting. Chemotherapy seems to cause the most confusion, if not the most problems. The word "chemo" is the root of the word chemical, and means just thata chemical therapy, a medicine. Every time we take an aspirin for a headache, we are giving ourselves chemotherapy, though we usually reserve that term only for cancer therapy. There are over 50 drugs that are commonly used to battle cancer, either alone or, frequently, in conjunction with one or more others.

We must not be afraid to ask questions and make demands. It is, after all, my body, not the doctor's, that is under consideration here. s out there. Those of us who have serious and terminal ailments are looking for more in a doctor than a quick fix for what is bothering us at the moment. Rather, we need someone to shepherd us through months or years of dealing with a condition that is not fixable and that will deteriorate with time and eventually be the agent of our deaths. Page 34 We want a doctor with excellent technical skills first.

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