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By Anna Greenspan

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A Demiurge which makes 3 To quote Kant: "Time is not something which exists of itself, or which inheres in things as an objective determination, and it does not, therefore, remain when abstraction is made of all subjective conditions of its intuition.... Time is nothing but the subjective condition under which alone intuition can take place in us. "(CPR, 76) 31 circles, " (SLK, 2) as Deleuze puts it, has created a world whose map is observed in the heavenly spheres. Thus, for Plato, 'the name' and 'the number' of time can be found in the changes and motion that take place in the sky.

45 border which Descartes locates at the break between the certainty of self consciousness and the doubt which haunts our knowledge of the outside world is radically altered by the first critique. With Kant the division between interiority and exteriority, as we have seen, ultimately corresponds to the distinction between the empirical realm of experience and the transcendental plane, which is to say that in Kant, the inside is defined as that which occurs in time, while the outside is left to the only thing which escapes this interiority, that is the abstract and productive forces of time itself.

All our knowledge, " writes Kant in the introduction to the section, "is finally subject to time, the formal condition of inner sense. In it they must all be ordered, 49 connected and brought into relation. " (CPR, 131) The synthetic processes of the deduction are meant to explain the means through which this occurs. Kant's goal is to explicate how the transcendental form of time functions to put the world in time. The focus, then, is not on a realm of production that occurs in time, but rather on the 'spontaneous' activity that accounts for the abstract possibility of the very experience of time.

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