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E. g. differences in air density); is the measured (indicated) value of the reference instrument divided by the corresponding value of the instrument under calibration at test point No. e. g. differences in air density); is the coefficient to convert from the quantity measured by the reference instrument to the dose equivalent quantity associated with the instrument under calibration. 2. Determination of response as a function of energy and angle of incidence The reference points of the reference instrument and of the instrument whose response should be determined in terms of the dose equivalent quantity, H, are positioned simultaneously at the two symmetrical points of test in the radiation field.

INTERCOMPARISON PROGRAMMES Laboratories are encouraged to participate in national and international intercomparisons of monitoring equipment and personal dosimeters to provide independent checks of their quality assurance. Dosimetry intercomparisons offer participating dosimetry services the opportunity to compare the performance of their systems with colleagues who use widely different dosimeters and techniques, particularly on the international level. Intercomparisons may provide participants access to radiation fields that they do not have in their own facilities, as well as giving the opportunity for contact with other dosimetry specialists.

4. 1. GENERAL The quantity air kerma should be used for calibrating the reference photon radiation fields and reference instruments. Radiation protection monitoring instruments should be calibrated in terms of dose equivalent quantities. e. free in air. The calibration of individual dosimeters or dose ratemeters is, 45 however, performed on the ISO water slab phantom, the ISO water pillar phantom or the ISO PMMA rod phantom without applying corrections for any differences in backscatter relative to ICRU tissue.

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