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Download Building Wireless Sensor Networks: with ZigBee, XBee, by Robert Faludi PDF

By Robert Faludi

Get able to create disbursed sensor platforms and clever interactive units utilizing the ZigBee instant networking protocol and sequence 2 XBee radios. by the point you're midway via this fast moving, hands-on consultant, you'll have outfitted a chain of important tasks, together with an entire ZigBee instant community that offers remotely sensed data.

Radio networking is developing revolutions in volcano tracking, functionality paintings, fresh power, and shopper electronics. As you stick to the examples in each one bankruptcy, you'll tips on how to take on inspiring tasks of your individual. This functional advisor is perfect
for inventors, hackers, crafters, scholars, hobbyists, and scientists.

* examine an collection of functional and exciting undertaking rules
* Prep your ZigBee toolbox with an intensive procuring checklist of components and courses
* Create an easy, operating ZigBee community with XBee radios in below hours -- for only $100
* Use the Arduino open resource electronics prototyping platform to construct a chain of more and more advanced initiatives
* Get conversant in XBee's API mode for growing sensor networks
* construct absolutely scalable sensing and actuation platforms with low-cost elements
* know about strength administration, resource routing, and different XBee technical nuances
* Make gateways that connect to neighboring networks, together with the web

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Summary | 21 CHAPTER 2 Up and Running Here is the heart of the book. We go from a bag of parts to a working ZigBee network in one chapter, taking the simplest path to early success. Addresses, firmware, and configuration steps culminate in a simple chat session for a satisfying exchange of greetings. Hello world, you are up and running. Let’s get started. Radio Basics What exactly is this thing called radio? In any dictionary or encyclopedia, you’ll find a definition that describes the transmission of information via modulation of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

4. This is a set of standards that define power management, addressing, error correction, message formats, and other point-to-point specifics necessary for proper communication to take place from one radio to another. XBee-brand radios can be purchased with or without ZigBee. 4 directly in its native form. 4. These layers add three important things: Routing Routing tables define how one radio can pass messages through a series of other radios along the way to their final destination. Ad hoc network creation This is an automated process that creates an entire network of radios on the fly, without any human intervention.

Exe Click the User Com Ports tab and type in the name of the Com port you created (such as COM10), then click Add. Unfortunately, you will need to do this each time you launch X-CTU, as it does not remember the custom Com ports. Plug one of your XBee radios into your XBee adapter and connect the adapter to one of your Windows computer’s USB ports. Launch the X-CTU application. You should see your XBee’s USB connection listed under Select Com Port. Click on the appropriate port to select it, as shown in Figure 2-6.

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