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By Gyan Prakash

To the trendy global, the notions that freedom is an innate of people and that money possesses the ability to bind humans seem as typical proof. Bonded Histories strains the old methods wherein those notions turned demonstrated as dominant discourses in India in the course of colonial rule and persisted into post-colonial India. Gyan Prakash locates the formula of those discourses within the heritage of bonded labour in southern Bihar. He makes a speciality of the emergence and next transformation of the connection of reciprocal energy and dependence among landlords and labourers. the writer explores the best way those differences have been hooked up with broader shifts within the political economic climate of this a part of the subcontinent; with the altering buildings of agricultural construction, land tenure and profit call for; with neighborhood social hierarchies and the ideology of castes; and with Hindu cosmologies, spirit cults and their articulation in ritual practices.

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With the marked slope of the land, the bed of the channel was sufficiently inclined for water to flow down the channel. Places of bondage 23 While slopes assisted the flow of water in channels, the undulation of land created problems. Irrigation of the two sides of parallel land strips was accomplished by drawing water into the channel several miles above the village it served. 2, based on the late-nineteenth-century work of George Grierson-the District Collector of Gaya in the 1880s, and the later Surveyor-General of the Linguistic Survey of India, whose extensive and thoughtful writings on various aspects of rural life make him an outstanding example of the nineteenth-century colonial administrator-scholars.

E. T. Dalton, Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal (Calcutta, 1872; rpt. Delhi, 1978), 140. , 139-48. The more detailed account of the social organization and economic conditions of the Pawri Bhuinyas is given in S. C. Roy's Hill Bhuiyas of Orissa (Ranchi, 1935). Thus, W. W. Hunter noted in 1877 that kamias were mostly Bhuinyas, SAB, xvi, 112. The same was true of Palamau also. See Bengal District Gazetteers: Palamau, by L. S. S. O'Malley (hereafter PDG) (Calcutta, 1907), 46. True stories 37 9 origin myths and rituals, also became kamias.

1 For example, the data on irrigation facilities is tabulated according to north and south, overriding district boundaries. Final Report on the Survey and Settlement Operations in the District of Gaya, IQII-I8, by E. L. Tanner (Patna, 1928), 136 (hereafter GSR). Furthermore, there were separate settlement operations and reports for north and south Monghyr. Places of bondage 15 North Bihar, for the most part, unlike the region south of the Ganges, is a flat alluvial plain, criss-crossed by many rivers whose sources lie in the southern range of the Himalayas, and cut across by many channels.

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