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By Mark Tremayne

This number of unique essays addresses a couple of questions trying to raise our knowing of the position of blogs within the modern media panorama. It takes a provocative examine how blogs are reshaping tradition, media, and politics whereas providing a number of theoretical views and methodological methods to the examine. american citizens are more and more turning to blogs for information, info, and leisure. yet what's the content material of blogs? Who writes them? what's the final result of the population’s starting to be dependence on blogs for political details? What are the results of running a blog? Do readers belief blogs as credible assets of knowledge? the amount comprises quantitative and qualitative reports of the blogosphere, its contents, its authors, and its networked connections. The readers of blogs are one other concentration of the gathering: how are web publication readers various from the remainder of the inhabitants? What effects do blogs have for the lives of daily humans? eventually, the ebook explores the ramifications of the web publication phenomenon at the way forward for conventional media: tv, newspapers, and radio.

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Blood, 2002). 1 Average number of words in blog entries. indb 9 10/9/06 10:11:56 AM 10 • Susan C. Herring, Lois Ann Scheidt, Inna Kouper and Elijah Wright this, although the amount of measurable change is slight, the fact that images and links decreased rather than held constant or increased is noteworthy. 3 It is often claimed that computer-mediated communication encourages anonymity. The data from the three samples do not support this claim; rather, most of the blog authors provided some identifiable personal information.

A blog low in interactivity was usually less inviting, contained fewer feedback mechanisms, and consisted of a simple list of interests or links. Innovation and sophistication were also measured by single items on a 5-point scale. Adapted from previous research, innovation was operationalized as the degree to which a person presented a page that deviated from the standard templates and tools provided by the webpage service (Papacharissi, 2002a and 2002b). This was not inclusive of the sophistication of blog code because a page can be amateurish and still reflect an effort to move away from templates.

At the same time, many characteristics of the blog genre remained fairly stable during this period. Consistent with earlier findings, the frequency of links and comments in blog entries remained low. , 2005). The longitudinal evidence also supports the earlier characterization of most blogs as single-authored, personal diaries (Herring, Scheidt et al. 2004, 2005; Papacharissi, 2004). The overall predominance of personal over news content, together with the low incidence of links to news sources, argues against any simple equation of blogging with “citizen journalism” (Gillmor, 2003).

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