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Download Birds of Arizona: A Falcon Field Guide [tm] by Todd Telander PDF

By Todd Telander

Birds of Arizona is a box consultant to the a hundred and eighty commonest and sought-after species within the kingdom. very easily sized to slot in your pocket and that includes full-color, unique illustrations, this informative guide makes it effortless to spot birds on your yard, favourite parks, and natural world parts.

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The legs are greenish yellow. Winter adults show brownish streaking on the nape. California Gulls breed in large colonies and feed on a variety of food, including fish, small mammals, and insects. The gull’s voice is a harsh squawk. The breeding adult is illustrated. 5" Season: Spring and fall migrant Habitat: Wet meadows, marshes, fields The Black Tern is a small, dark tern with a very short, notched tail and a small, thin black bill. The breeding adult is dark gray above and black below with white undertail coverts and vent.

The cuckoo voices a quick, tapping kak-kakkak or a series of throaty coo notes. The adult is illustrated. CUCKOOS Greater Roadrunner, Geococcyx californianus Family Cuculidae (Cuckoos) Size: 23" Season: Year-round Habitat: Open fields, grasslands, urban areas The Greater Roadrunner is a very large ground-dwelling cuckoo with rounded wings, a long tail, a long neck, and a strong, pointed bill. It is heavily streaked overall, except for its pale gray belly. A pale blue patch appears behind the eye, and its short, shaggy crest is often raised.

The adult is illustrated. indd 25 2/7/12 10:29 AM RAILS, COOTS Sora, Porzana carolina Family Rallidae (Rails, Coots) Size: 9" Season: Winter in southern Arizona; summer in northern Arizona Habitat: Marshes, meadows The Sora is a small, short-tailed, chicken-shaped rail with long, thin toes. Its plumage is mottled rusty brown above and grayish below with white barring along the belly and sides. The head has a black patch between the eye and bill, and the bill is yellow and conical. The tail is pointed and often cocked up and flicked.

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