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By Dr. med. Gabriel Stux, Prof. Bruce Pomeranz MD, Ph. D (auth.)

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Evolution did not create type III muscle afferents for acupuncturists! Anesthetized dogs stimulated at Du 26 (the upper lip) show a rise in blood pressure which is not antagonized by naloxone [91]. Moreover, in hemorrhagic shock in dogs, stimulation of this point helps to restore the blood pressure by increasing cardiac output [41]. The same authors working with dogs observed that the lowering of cardiac output that could be obtained by stimulating St. 36 was blocked by atropine, suggesting a parasympathetic effect.

The relative roles of the ascending and descending tracts need to be clarified. An important parameter of EA (or TENS) is the frequency of stimulation, as this determines which neurotransmitters are released. Several authors have shown that low-frequency-produced AA is endorphinergic, as it is antagonized by naloxone [30, 176]. High-frequency-produced AA is not affected by naloxone [30, 176] but is monoaminergic, being antagonized by serotonin-receptor blockers and synthesis blockers; high-frequency AA is enhanced by the serotonin precursor, 5HTP [32].

Sham had no effect. Replications are needed for this important finding. Bullock et al [17 c] have recently repeated this finding in SO patients with similar results; other studies are currently under way in several other centers. Extrapolation of these results to acupuncture treatment of smoking and overeating is dangerous. Claims are often made without the long-term follow-up needed to check for recurrences due to unsolved psychological problems. Controlled studies to rule out placebo effects are urgently needed (in addition to long-term follow-up reports) before firm conclusions are possible.

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