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Download Bangladesh: A Political History since Independence by Ali Riaz PDF

By Ali Riaz

Bangladesh is a rustic of paradoxes. The 8th such a lot populous kingdom of the area, it has attracted significant awareness from the foreign media and western policy-makers in recent times, usually for the inaccurate purposes: corruption, ordinary mess ups brought on by its precarious geographical position, and unstable political events with numerous army coups, following its independence from Pakistan in 1971. Institutional corruption, becoming spiritual intolerance and Islamist militancy have mirrored the weak spot of the country and undermined its potential. but the rustic has validated major financial capability and has accomplished successes in components corresponding to lady schooling, inhabitants keep an eye on and rate reductions in baby mortality. Ali Riaz right here examines the political techniques which engendered those paradoxical trends, making an allowance for the issues of democratization and the results this has had, and should proceed to have, within the wider South Asian area. This accomplished and distinctive evaluate of political and old advancements in Bangladesh in view that 1971 will offer crucial studying for observers of Bangladesh and South Asia.

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