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Download As One Is: To Free the Mind from All Conditioning by Jiddu Krishnamurti PDF

By Jiddu Krishnamurti

Publish 12 months note: initially released in 2007

In this sequence of eight talks, given in Ojai, California in 1955, Krishnamurti confronts the confusion, behavior, and assumptions of the human brain, and claims those lie on the root of all violence and pain on the earth.

While those reflections have been provided over 50 years in the past, their that means is as clean and as suitable heard this day. Krishnamurti discusses a global during which booming productiveness and clinical development promise a contented destiny, yet don't supply it. He issues to the continued escalation of conflict, pageant, envy and territoriality regardless of earnings in schooling, non secular ecumenism and the applied sciences of self-improvement.

Ultimately and all through, he asks his listeners to contemplate that every one obvious growth of the self isn't development towards freedom, yet a treadmill of phantasm. understanding one's brain, he asserts, via diligent self-observation, is the one method to freedom.

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The Athenian Stranger points out that, as part of holidays and festivals, sacrifices provide a time in which the gods give human beings rest from their labors. “They [the gods] have given as fellow celebrants the Muses, with their leader Apollo, and Dionysus—in order that these divinities might set humans right again. 22 Mikalson explains that in Magnesia, the city being founded in Laws, there are to be 365 sacrifices, which means that a continual daily sacrifice on behalf of the city is performed (79).

As I said at the beginning of this section, in the study of sacrifice, sometimes scholars make assumptions about the etiology of it that influences other aspects of their interpretation. In this case Detienne assumes that the Greeks wished to conceal violence, and this seems to affect his belief that the identity of the mageiros must remain concealed. In contrast to Detienne, Gilhus points out that while on vase paintings “it was unusual to depict the killing itself, and the actual violence done to the sacrificial beast is seldom shown .

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