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Download ARRL's VHF Digital Handbook by Steve Ford PDF

By Steve Ford

Continually reliable details in ARRL guides, and this one is not any exception. definitely worth the cost.

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ComI12OO1 Pa~s\NOfd ' j IW12 KTELNETCLIENT 1 I L. _ ~~;;~~~:~:~~::~. ;;- ,10 p EnableAutoCheck;' to Host APRSReporting P Figure 3-8-The TelPac configuration screen. 3-6 _ Chapter 3 eas y. org/status/TeIPacEx. aspx, enter your station gateway call sign including any -SSID desired. Most TelPac gateways select an SSID of -10. When you have completed the entry you will see the registration number in bold letters at the top of the page. Thi s number can be entered at the nag prompt when you start TelPac again.

Another misconception about D-STAR is that it is strictly a digital voice protocol. The primary application of D-STAR is indeed voice, but it is a system capable of handling any sort of data-text, voice, images, etc. As shown in Figure 4 -1, a D-STAR network can take several form s. D-STAR compatible trans ceivers can communicate directly (simplex), or through aD-STAR repeater for wide coverage. It is important to note that D-STAR signals cannot be repeated through trad itional analog repeaters.

Open the spreadsheet; position the cursor in the upperright cell where the data will be inserted, and press CNTL-V, or Edit-> Paste. Save the spreadsheet, and deliver the file to the intended user. Of course , at the receiving end the formatting is not preserved when compared to the source spreadsheet. In this 3- 14 • Chapter 3 kind of ASCII spreadsheet data transfer, formatting that will be lost includes the bold cells, column width spacing, line drawing , position alignment within the cell (left, right , or centered), and any cell formulas .

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