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Download Arms and Armor in Africa by Helmut Nickel PDF

By Helmut Nickel

Describes the guns and instruments present in Africa from prehistoric via smooth instances and discusses how they express human development.

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I2ls. < ^ '^ PYGMY WITH BOW AND ARROW Beyond the narrow confines of the island-like village clearings in the end- less forest, on their roam the Pygmies. Being hunters, they depend weapons, mainly bows and arrows. The arrows were once tipped with hardwood or bone now have points. Through barter with the neighboring acquired iron arrowheads. The arrows "feathering" of the arrows normally consists of a end of the shaft. of an elephant make doubly marksmen), and the stiff leaf fitted into the split Spears are apparently not original Pygmy weapons they These spears make the received them from their neighbors in the villages.

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