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By E. Clayton

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H. Chalmers, Installations dry and damp mixed oxide from calculations presented down to as low as 15 wt% or less. Health Inspectorate, made on mixed oxides and Safety England, powders in 1975 bear this made on out. 0 The explanation the explanation a lower of this of H/Pu ratio in detail. in Figure as a consequence The occurrence the effects the occurrence of the curves H/Pu ratio mixture. plored for It of dampness is a safer of this peak is similar 4, except that of the uranium peak can easily it situation from this than complete occurs at present in the be missed unless changes between zero and unity may be concluded to that dryness.

Zero bucklings the rod diameter would would appear E’ . 35 4 08 . I E u _ i I. 6d V I 1 2 3 4 6 5 URANIUM ENRICHMENT,WI0lm Figure 12. Estimated Result Surface-to-Volume in Zero Bucklings Ratios (Infinite of Large Rods Which Critical MaSSeS) 36 Figure reviews 12 illustrates in operations mately 6% represents natural uranium criticality enough. finite billets. an entirely fast system, of slightly if only the enriched number of slightly is enriched being critical if spaced properly were bundled tightly together cluded on the interior from the bundle) an infinite an infinite number of individual This criticality is somewhat contrary prevention, certainly be less moderated metal system.

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