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Download Anatomical Exposures and Surgical Approaches to the Limbs by Francesco Ruggieri M.D., Gian Franco Zinghi M.D., Stefano PDF

By Francesco Ruggieri M.D., Gian Franco Zinghi M.D., Stefano Boriani M.D., Luigi Specchia M.D. (auth.)

Our choice to commit a number of years to the writing of this Atlas used to be according to the pro acknowledgement of unfavourable surgical effects as a result of flawed or incomplete ways to the bones or joints requiring remedy. we're confident that during order to procure the very best anatomic and practical ends up in surgical procedure of the locomotor equipment, it is important to obey a number of principles of behaviour con­ stituting the foundation for proper surgical execution: a) to appreciate the anatomy of the muscular and neural formations; b) to defend the vascularization of those anatomical parts and for this reason of the osteoarticular equipment; c) to take advantage of the main applicable surgical methods totally respecting the nearby anatomy and the least nerve-racking publicity of the skeleton; d) to properly practice surgical procedure, therefore developing the simplest stipulations for the excel­ lent restoration of the functionality of the limb. The anatomic findings and surgical ways to the extremities defined listed below are now not whole: we've got established our number of the previous on their frequency within the common surgical task of any specialized ward, and the latter at the surgi­ cal ways most typically utilized by the third department of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute. extensive surgical ways for the surgery of bone tumors were excluded as they care for particular «compartmental» equipment which don't contain the anatomic ideas to be within the basic remedy of orthopaedic and trau­ matologic affections of the extremities.

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10 cm lange Hautschnitt erfolgt auf der medialen Seite des Ellenbogen zwischen Olecranon und Epicondylus medialis humeri. - Zur Darstellung des N. ulnaris 1 wird die Faszie parallel zum Hautschnitt von proximal nach distal eroffnet. Der N. ulnaris verlauft oberflachlich zwischen Septum intermusculare 2 und M. triceps brachii3. Unter Anschlingen des N. ulnaris wird das Ligamentum collaterale ulnare durchtrennt. Der Nerv kann jetzt unter Schonung der Nebenaste des N. ulnaris bis zu den Muskelkopfen des M.

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