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By von Kármán, Theodore

Captivating, reader-friendly chronicle by means of a recognized pioneer in aerodynamic learn strains the improvement of dynamic flight from the time of Newton during the twentieth century. It recounts struggles of engineers and physicists with difficulties linked to elevate, drag, balance, aeroelasticity, and the sound barrier. The booklet includes seventy two figures.

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If the fluid is originally at rest, vorticity can only be created by friction or by the presence of sharp edges on a body. In the latter case, a discontinuity may be formed between two fluid streams meeting at the edge. Fig. 13 (p. 26) shows, for example, a discontinuity between a fluid in motion and a fluid at rest. Such a discontinuity can be considered as a continuous sequence of vortices, or a vortex sheet. We now want to observe what happens when a wing section with a sharp trailing edge is put in motion.

Circulatory motion of the air in the same direction in which the ball rotates. , perpendicular to the trajectory of the ball. If the lift is positive, the effect is equivalent to an apparent decrease of gravity; if the lift is negative, it seems to add to the gravity. In the first case the range of the ball is increased, in the second case decreased. The baseball pitcher uses the same effect of spin, directing the ball in a way favorable to his team. The reader may remember that a German enginecr, Anton Flettner (Ref.

For example, during the First World War, he published his ideas on the theory of warfare. A few years ago I found that the first American book on the military science called Operational Analysis starts with a theory of Lanchester’s. He was a man who contributed many things to many branches of applied mathematics and who continued to produce technical inventions all his life. The second person is the German mathematician M. Wilhelm Kutta (1867-1944), who started out as a pure mathematician but became interested in Otto Lilienthal’s gliding experiments and therefore in acrodynamic theory.

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