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By Daphne F. Jackson (auth.), Michel Baranger, Erich Vogt (eds.)

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The experimental data is from the 'Li(p, pd) reaction (Ruh + 62, Ruh + 63). ] is quite remarkable. As we have noted, the functions 4>ir. and 4>i are in general not orthogonal functions because the overlap integral is constructed from model wave functions. k(q)/Fiq) is not unity for deuteron knockout, but varies with q. Figure 5 shows the results (Jac 65a) obtained when the wave function for the deuteron cluster in 6Li is taken to be a Gaussian function. For a two-nucleon pickup reaction, such as the (p, t) reaction, the reduced overlap integral describes the motion in the nucleus of the center of mass of two neutrons correlated in the same way as two neutrons in the triton.

25 1. The Investigation of Hole States in Nuclei overlap integral as well. This surface localization is well-established from DWIA calculations for the (p,2p) reaction (Jac 67b, Jai 69a) and comparison with DWBA calculations for the (p, d) reaction (Tow 67a, Tow 69) shows that the latter have a greater contribution from the interior region. In the (p, 2p) calculations, the additional low momentum components introduced by the distortion have an important effect on the angular distribution, whereas in the (p, d) calculations it is the additional high momentum components, introduced particularly by the distortion of the deuteron, which have the most significant effects.

The corresponding overlap integrals have incorrect asymptotic behavior and the calculations are in principle no more realistic than those of the simple shell model although in practice the relative motion of the clusters is often described by a Gaussian function of longer range than would arise in the oscillator shell model. The cluster-model approach can, of course, be made more realistic by retaining more terms in the cluster expansion (TP 60, OPW 65). The coefficients of the expansion are determined by a resonating-group method so that this approach still suffers from the insensitivity of a variational calculation to the important asymptotic region.

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