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Download Advances in human aspects of road and rail transportation by Neville A. Stanton PDF

By Neville A. Stanton

''Human elements and ergonomics have made huge contributions to the learn, layout, improvement, operation and research of transportation platforms and their complementary infrastructure. This quantity specializes in the causations of street injuries, the functionality and layout of roads and symptoms, the layout of cars, and the learning of the motive force. It covers coincidence analyses, air site visitors keep an eye on, keep watch over rooms, Read more...

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The use of such material may lead to a source of bias. In this study we have tried to balance these self generated comments with the experiences of users in more controlled trials. The results from all groups agree. However, the self selection and entry requirements to the studies have meant a significant bias in the respondents – who are drawn from a group who are interested in sustainability, automobiles and new technology, and from high socio economic groups. indb 26 04/06/12 12:38 PM 27 ecological validity associated with field trials, and have led to the production of recommendations which will lead into the next generation of HMI.

E. when the sound from the CD-player was replaced by noise). In order to further increase the likelihood of the vehicles to pass the lane markings an additional yaw motion from the simulator was given. The yaw motion was triggered during the secondary task. At the end of each experimental drive subjects were asked to intentionally cross the left and right lane markings in order to provoke the just used driver aid and get a clearer idea of its functionality. The following dependent variables were computed for the occasions where subjects performed the radio task and experienced an active driver aid: (i) Duration of lateral excursion [s]: Time from when vehicle’s right/left front wheel crosses the right/left lane marker in the direction from the centre of the driving lane, until vehicle’s right/left front wheel crosses the right/left lane marker in the direction towards the centre of the proper driving lane, (ii) Overshoot [m]: Movement past centre of the right lane after a lateral excursion defined as the distance between the centre of the right lane and the maximum lateral position opposite to the lane departure, (iii) Peak acceleration of steering wheel motion [degrees/s2]: Once the subject’s recovery steering manoeuvre has started, the sharpness of the steering is given by the maximum acceleration of the steering wheel motion.

2009a), to name a few. In accordance with Peters et al. (2010) most of these different menu structures of current car-infotainment-systems consist of the following standard menu tasks: 1. g. menu selection) 2. g. list selection) 3. g. bass) 4. g. navigation map) 5. g. e. using one finger, is only available for finding and selecting elevated menu elements. But conflicts will occur, if users have to operate further tasks on one menu screen – like for example “zooming the navigation map” in order to select a point of interest on the map using one finger.

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