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By Robert Tyson

This guide offers analytical instruments for the layout and improvement of adaptive optics structures to augment their skill to regulate for atmospheric turbulence, optical fabrication mistakes, thermally triggered distortions, and laser machine aberrations. It presents thoughts for choosing, trying out and fitting a wavefront reimbursement system.

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The tilt sensor uses an EG&G avalanche photodiode. The sodium LGS is a Nd:YAG-pumped three-stage LLNL dye laser. It has a 30-kHz PRF, 100-ns pulses, 20 W to create a tenth magnitude star from a 50-cm projection telescope. L. 5-m ARC telescope (38). 85 pm using a MIT Lincoln Laboratory 64 X 64 20 Tyson element CCD array and an Adaptive Optics Associates lenslet array for wavefront sensing. The University of Chicago built the deformable mirrors with 201 actuators and 4-pm stroke. M. Alpha LAMP Integration The Alpha LAMP Integration (ALI) program is the United States’ technology demonstration system for space-based high energy laser (HEL) weapons.

P. 3-m telescope with an adaptive optics system consisting of a French CILAS bimorph deformable mirror with 185 actuators (4 1 ). The system will use a wavefront sensor with 144 subapertures for bright guide stars and 22 Tyson detuned to 36 subapertures for dim guide stars. Both a visible wavefront sensor (500-Hz frame rate) and an IR sensor (200-Hz frame rate) will be used. The system is expected to be operational by the year 2000. Q. United Kingdom Adaptive Optics Program The UK Adaptive Optics Programme (42) is the coordinating entity for a number of university astronomy efforts throughout the United Kingdom.

Ghedina, S. Mallucci, E. Marchetti, T. Niero, Proc. SPIE 3353, 132 (1998). R. , AdOpt@TNG Yearly Status Report, Dec. 1997. Some summaries are also available in Proc. SPIE 3126 (1997) and Proc. SPIE 3353 (1998). S . Hippler, A. Glindemann, M. Kasper P. -R. Rohloff, K. Wagner, D. P. Looze, W. K. Hackenberg, Proc. SPIE 3353, 44 (1998). A. Quirrenbach, Proc. SPIE 3126, 35 (1997). A. , Pubf. Astron. Soc. Puc. 109, 688 (1997). H. D. Bissinger, S. S. Olivier, C. E. Max, “Conceptual Design for a User-Friendly Adaptive Optics System at Lick Observatory,“ Top.

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