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Download ABC Light Aircraft Recognition by Peter R March PDF

By Peter R March

This e-book positive aspects the various kinds of mild airplane to be noticeable, each one illustrated with complete facts on velocity, energy plant, versions and so on.

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PRM I LIGHT AIRCRAFT LIGHT AIRCRAFT Scheibe SF-2S Falke. 55m) Max cruising speed: 80mph (130km/h) Accommodation: Two side-by-side seats First aircraft flown: May 1963 (SF-2SA); March 1971 (SF-25C) Production: 1,031 Recognition: Single nose-engine-powered low-wing sailplane with high-aspect ratio wings with marked dihedral and square tips. Very short nose. Squaretopped fin and rudder. Single-wheel, non-retractable, faired main undercarriage with wing outriggers. 3kW) Limbach L2000-EA engine and optional tricycle undercarriage; 5F-25K K-Falke - SF-25C with folding wings, larger canopy and GRP forward fuselage covering; 5F-25D Falke - SF-25B with Limbach engine; 51ingsby T61A Falke - licence-built by Slingsby Sailplanes; 5F-25E Super Falke - has extended wing, air brakes, narrow chord swept vertical tail, raised bubble canopy; 5F-28A1B Tandem Falke - Tandem two-seat version of SF-25C.

Fixed tricycle undercarriage with large wheel spats. Tall swept fin and rudder with oblong tailplane set at pointed rear. Two side windows. 1 kW) Textron Lycoming 10-360-A1B6 first flew March 1991. Stampe SV-4A1B/Cll . Single-engined two-seat aerobatlc : ' and utility biplane. 96m) Top: Stampe SV-4B. PRM Max cruising speed: 109mph (175km/h) Above: Stampe SV-4C. DJM Accommodation: Two seats In tandem First aircraft flown: 17 May 1933 production: 916 (post-1945) . ' htl swe t lower and upper wings Recognition: Single-engine biplane ~lthl sllg ~n bofh wings.

Right: Hume/Gardan GY-20 Minicab. PRM Left: Isaacs Fury II. PRM Isaacs Fury Right: Luton LA4A Minor. ' 10 AIJOIJ~t 1%, (Mk I). 71m) Max cruising speed: 189mph (304km/h) Accommodation: Pilot plus three passengers First aircraft flown: 1 November 1971 (M-5) Production: In excess of 1,800 of all variants have been built Similar variants: The M-5 lunar Rocket has larger tail surfaces and increased flap area. The five-seat M-6 Super Rocket was introduced in 1984. 26m) five-seater with either 235hp (175kW) Textron Lycoming 0-540J1A5D or 10-540-W1A5D engine.

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