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Download A Face for Radio. Radio station planning and design by Peter Bloomfield, Mark Motl and Vilma Barr (Auth.) PDF

By Peter Bloomfield, Mark Motl and Vilma Barr (Auth.)

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With the correct team assembled and a clear idea about space needs the next step is to consider and compare a variety of location options. Clearly engineering limitations will play a factor when first considering various sites as will a broad variety of other issues such as ease of access for the staff, safety, station vehicle storage, and parking to name a few. One big question – Cost? When comparing sites, we strongly encourage looking at both initial and long term costs. OĞen the site that seems like a great lease deal will cost more to operate or have “hidden” costs such as parking.

Depending on your needs, one or all of these considerations could impact the decision. Growth Have you out grown your facility or have your facility needs changed? Changes in format, management, sales, the consolidation (combining multiple locations or departments under one roof,) corporate spin offs, change in station number – any of these or other reasons could lead to your needs to move. Own vs Lease If you own the building and the infrastructure is tired, it may be cost effective to relocate.

Short term? – What are the meeting types and how many are in aĴendance? – Is your department fully staffed at present? If not, how many more staff are you expecting to hire? – Do you require private conference spaces, open meeting spaces, or both? – How oĞen does the entire department meet? – Does your department have any spatial needs which are not currently being addressed? For example, offices, meeting spaces, copy area, etc? – Which spaces (if any) within your department should be visible to members of the public on a tour of the facility?

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