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Download A Companion to The Cantos of Ezra Pound: Vol. I (Cantos by Carroll F. Terrell PDF

By Carroll F. Terrell

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Genare: Pietro di Genari, Sigismundo's chancellor. 54. Albert: Leon Battista Alberti, 1404· 1472, the architect of the Tempio. He was one of the universal men of the century: inventor, astronomer, athlete, poet, sculptor, painter, and Latinist, but best known as an architect. He was a Florentine and Sigis· mundo is thought to have met him in Flo· rence in 1435. Alberti was under the patron· age of Pope Nicholas V and it was through the pope that Sigismundo was able to obtain Alberti's services.

Thus the execution site itself came to signify a betrayal. 9. Et ... Sigismundo: ML, I, "they've got the better of Sigismundo ," from a letter by Filippo Strozzi dated December 31, 1454 [Luciano Banchi in Archivio Storico Italiano, ser. IV, iii, 184-197] giving an account of Sigismundo's retreat after the Sienese raid on his headquarters [9 :49]. Sigismundo, finding all escape routes blocked, finally requested permission from Florence to pass through its territory at Campiglia, which was granted as predicted in Strozzi's letter.

18. King 0' Ragona: [8:10]. Sigi,mundo had been engaged by Alphonso of Aragon, king of Naples, in 1447 to enforce his claim to Milan. For his services to Alphonso, Sigismundo had already received 25,000 ducats out of the 32,400 agreed upon, when the Florentines persuaded him to take service with them instead. This Sigismundo did, keeping the money already paid to him, on the advice of Valturio. For his treachery he earned the undying hatred of Alphonso [cf. G. Battaglini, 399] . and Isotta degli Atti.

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