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By James Wynbrandt

Introduces readers to the dramatic occasions, impressive humans, and exact customs and traditions that experience formed some of the world's nations, with each one quantity protecting a particular state and delivering a concise background of the struggles and triumphs of the ..Title: .A short heritage of Pakistan..Author: .Wynbrandt, James/ Gerges, Fawaz A. (FRW)..Publisher: .Facts on File..Publication Date: .2008/12/01..Number of Pages: .336..Binding sort: .HARDCOVER..Library of Congress: .2008008921

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They dug trenches and awaited orders to attack. Residents of Debal believed their gods would protect them as long as the flag waved from their central temple. Qasim, learning this, made the flag his primary target and had the catapult arm of Uroos shortened to hit the target. Debal’s flag was soon knocked down, the fortifications breached, and the town conquered, though its leader fled. Qasim issued a decree: 46 THE COMING OF ISLAM All human beings are created by Allah and are equal in His eyes.

The Turkish king of Gandhara, who had been Kabul’s vassal, sensed an opening for himself and killed the ruler of Kabul, proclaiming himself the kingdom’s lord, or Kabul Shahi. He ceded Ghazni-Kandahar in southeastern Afghanistan to his brother, and for the next two centuries this Turk Shahi dynasty controlled the 43 44 0 0 200 km 200 miles A BRIEF HISTORY OF PAKISTAN THE COMING OF ISLAM area, serving as a buffer between the Arabs and contemporary northern Pakistan. The Arabs made efforts to collect tribute from the two Shahi kingdoms, which could only be extracted by waging war, and victory in their collection campaigns was often elusive.

The renown of his court and its splendors was such that, under the name Raja Bikram, he became the heroic subject of a cycle of popular folk tales. Art of all kinds flourished under the Guptas, as did the sciences and religious writing. Hinduism itself underwent a revival during the Gupta years, a process that included the codification of the caste system. Leading literary works were reconfigured to reflect and bolster the revised tenets. The empire retained its vigor and position under Kumaragupta (r.

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