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I’m sure every one of you has seen the viral video sensation that is the Winnebago Man. It’s one of the original virals that may only be topped by the Star Wars Kid video. So, there’s a documentary about him that I watched last night and it was really good. The original video is one of those internet classics that you get a good laugh at someone else’s expense and it never gets old. In the Documentary, Jack Rebney aka “The Angriest Man in the World”, is tracked down to find out how this video and its popularity has affected his life and outlook on life. The result may surprise you. It’s a very interesting story that will keep you laughing and at the same time make you feel sentiments toward him.

It’s available on Netflix (DVD only), or you can watch it in its entirety for $3.99 on youtube here: Winnebago Man

As Jack Rebney would say “Do yourself a Kindness” and give this doc a watch.

Official Trailer of “Fight For Your Right-Revisited”, from the Beastie Boys’ long anticipated eighth album, HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE PART TWO.

Listen to the album’s opening track:


This is just another reason why dogs are fucking awesome.

Interesting little tid bit: The combined salaries of Manchester United and Manchester City are somewhere over $800 Million. The Yankees and Red Sox are somewhere above $300 Million.

Think Spinal Tap meets Tenacious D meets 80’s hair metal parody….$7.99 on itunes….yeah, I totally just bought this album…


Siberian Tiger Kills Bus Driver in China

BEIJING – A rare Siberian tiger attacked and killed a tour bus driver in northern China while the man’s horrified passengers watched, Chinese media reported.

The tiger pounced on driver Jin Shijun and dragged him into the forest after he got out to check on his bus, which was stuck in the snow at the world’s largest Siberian tiger breeding base in the northern province of Heilongjiang, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

The bus was full of tourists visiting the breeding center, and Jin broke safety guidelines by leaving the vehicle, the report said. Park employees tried to distract the tiger with firecrackers and tranquilizer darts, but when they managed to get to Jin, the driver was already dead.

The report on Monday’s attack cited a spokesman at the base, which has about 1,000 Siberian tigers.

Siberian tigers are one of the world’s rarest species. An estimated 300 are left in the wild, but more than 5,000 are kept on farms and wildlife parks across China.

I can think of a lot of places where I wouldn’t want to have my car break down, but the “world’s largest Siberian tiger breeding base” might be the worst. What was this guy thinking when he got out to check on the bus? In the fucking snow no less…with 1000 Siberian tigers roaming about. Seriously, I think this is a situation where you stay in the vehicle and just wait it out until AAA gets there. No fucking way I’m gonna pop the hood on a broke-down car in the middle of a Siberian tiger breeding base.

PS- I love how it’s a breeding “BASE” and not a “camp” or “sanctuary” or something nice sounding like that. “Base” makes it sound like they are making tiger soldiers or some shit. Apparently, they were.

With the worldwide population expected to exceed seven billion in 2011, National Geographic magazine offers a 7-part series examining specific challenges and solutions to the issues we face. The magazine introduces the series with its January cover story “7 Billion,” offering a broad overview of demographic trends that got us to today and will impact us all tomorrow.

So many classic moments in this clip. The head-first stumble into the car was pretty awesome, but i really liked how the couple on the elevator just push Santa to the ground into a puddle of his own piss.

click and drag your mouse over the video to see the event from any angle you want. What’s cool about this is that you pretty much have a different video each time you watch it.

Pro Tip: There’s a stripper dancing on a pole in this video…see if you can find her

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