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You know it’s really, really cold when you can do this:

Wierd to post something about Martha Stewart here, but wanted to share.

Martha Stewart Grilling CookbookXM Radio is offering a free grilling cookbook by Martha Stewart at their web site.  I’m not a huge Martha fan, but the idea of a free grilling cookbook sounds pretty good to me.  Summer is basically here, and why not try to shake things up a bit on the grill? 

Plus, everyone knows that summer grilling is just the warm-up for tailgating grilling, so download the book, work on your chops, and perhaps we’ll have some tasty new treats for the tailgating season!

This is really cool. I never knew that the gameboy and other game consoles could be used as instruments.

The passing of the major health care reform bill really has me thinking about where the US currently is, and where it is heading.  Perhaps since the baseball season is right around the corner the image of Don Mattingly and his era of the New York Yankees kept creeping into my mind.

It seems like the US is further continuing down the road of adopting a heavily social agenda similar to our current and former allies of Europe.  No longer is the US being viewed on the world stage as a world power.  It is drifting towards mediocrity and exorbitant debt levels.  Instead of working towards the American Dream, the new dream appears to be having the government provide everything and then working to pay them back.

But is there a parallel between Obama and Mattingly?  Mattingly was the best player for the Yankees, but during a time when the historic franchise was at one of its lowest points.  Could this be the time when the US officially plummets from significant world “relevance” and just becomes another nation?

I hope not.  But if it is, hopefully our political Bernie Williams and Derek Jeter are on their way.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is calling for UGA to use a robotic dog for its mascot after the untimely death of UGA VII, according to ESPN.

There’s the softball, guys.  Have at it.

Google Wave launched its preview not too long ago to invited-only participants.  I was at a RefreshColumbia.org meeting recently where one of the anointed ones with an invitation, Rick Stilwell, gave us a preview of what it can do.

My impression is that Wave looks like an online collaboration tool that basically tries to mesh in the features of email, instant messaging, twitter and facebook into one program.  The idea here is to let Wave be the platform for social and working groups to organize online in real-time to discuss and work.  (The business aspects are pretty reasonable, but for the personal side, think of a gamecocktaigate.net where everyone can ditch blog posts and chain emails for one “wave” that lets you track and update ideas and schedules as you plan for an event).  

Sounds pretty cool, right? 

But as I was sitting in the meeting, I was reminded of a post earlier here on Microsoft’s attempt to have Windows 7 parties to promote their new software.  The consensus here was that this idea was ridiculous.  Would Google pull out the same foolishness for its Wave promotions?

Of course not.  There’s no doubt about the following video about Wave…it’s really creative, funny, and does an excellent job showing off the many features of Wave.

So whether or not I’ll actually use wave is completely up in the air.  The features look pretty cool, but I’m pretty sure that my “day job” employer would never let something like this fly as our client data is simply too sensitive for an open source product like this.  Perhaps the social side will gel.  Only time will tell, and only when the “Preview” makes it to “Beta.”

Owl on the prowl - photo by Nick Kidd (flikr)

Owl on the prowl - photo by Nick Kidd (flikr)

An evil owl has attacked two people over the past week in Cherry Park (Rock Hill, SC), according to The State newspaper.

John Taylor, supervisor with the city’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism department, said that both incidents took place around sunrise–a time when owls are typically feeding.

A portion of the park has been closed until the rogue owl can be captured.

As of press time there was no mention if the owl had somehow become blood thirsty and mutated into a creature craving human flesh, instead of its normal owl cuisine.

One thing we are certain of, however, is that for the two people attacked by the blood thirsty, mutated owl, their trip to Cherry Park this week was definitely not a “hoot.”

…except for this guy.  Love the enthusiasm, sign, and paint, though!

Gamecock wants to marry erin andrews

Gamecock wants to marry erin andrews

Some might wonder what the great Zombiechatter.com really is.  I stumbled across a post at the Chive that provides a good synopsis of the essence of Zombiechatter.  So, without further ado, here is my photoblog tribute to all things Zombiechatter (zombies, music, women and drinking)

(video games and movies to appear in the next photoblog)

I’m guessing there are many people here that are happy about this.

I wasn’t shocked to hear about a governor stepping down…but I was surprised that it was Alaska’s.  Consider that an insight into SC politics.

More: Us of Common Sense.com – Palin’s Political Career Should Be Over

Getting ready for work today, I popped on the local news channel to see what the weather had in store for today.  Leading up to the forecast, I kept hearing this tease about how much cooler it was going to be today, and this week in general.

“Sweet,” I thought to myself.  “It’s really been hot.  I could use a break in the weather a bit to enjoy the outside and perhaps get some over-due yard work done.”

Then, after all of my waiting, the trusty weather guy shows up in front of his green screen.  “It’s going to be significantly cooler today,” he says.  And then the graphic pops up: Today’s high: 95 degrees.

Picture courtasy of National Geographic Magazine

Picture courtasy of National Geographic Magazine

WTF?!?  Significantly cooler = 95 degrees.  Sure, it may have been pushing 100 over the weekend, but I don’t believe that from 100 to 95 qualifies as “significantly” cooler.  It’s still hot as crap.

Would you say it’s significantly warmer today if the temperature went from -15 degrees to -10 degrees?  No!  You’d say, “it’s still cold as shit out there!  Bundle up or die!”

So perhaps a 5 degree turn to a weather guy is “significant.”  And perhaps it can be, but what the hell are you thinking telling me it’s going to be significantly cooler today when the temperature is still 95 degrees?! 

I guess it all boils down to the fact that I just don’t think like a weather guy.

Oh how I love my work’s firewall and spam programs.  They keep me safe and protected from viruses and trojan horses.  They keep my inbox free of p3nis enlargement ads, which is amazing in itself.

But every now and then my trusted firewall protection turns on me.  For some unknown reason an innocuous site will be banned for no reason.  And for no reason, I actually mean it’s banned for p0rn0graphy.

No, it’s not that I’m trying to access p0rn at work…it’s that my corporate firewall seems to think that hotmail is an evil den of p0rnography.  The same way godaddy often gets banned by out-of-touch IT committee members thinking this domain purchasing website has some other agenda based on their racy advertisements.

I’m not sure why everytime a site that I’m trying to go to gets blocked it says it’s due to p0rn0graphy, but it always seems to be the case.  Hotmail, the American Red Cross, several financial institutions, and even some clients’ websites all fall under the faithful “banned: p0rn0graphy” category.

After trying to check my email a couple of times today, and seeing the firewall screen pop up with the “p0rn0graphy” warning, I wouldn’t be suprised if an IT guy showed up this afternoon to see what’s up.

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