The Georgia Theatre in Athens Georgia is currently ablaze as I type this post. News reports indicate the fire broke out around 7am this morning at the venerable Athens music theatre. Thus far early indications are it is a grim scene and the building may suffer extensive damage.

It is too early to say how this came about, but with the timing of it being so early in the morning all hopes are the building was empty when the blaze engulfed the facility.

The AJC is reporting that Doc Eldridge, a former Athens mayor who is currently president of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, said he saw a huge plume of black smoke when he arrived at his nearby office at 7:10 a.m.

The theater was “fully engulfed, with flames coming out above the building,” Eldridge said.

The AJC interviewed one witness this morning who said they have two trucks on both sides pouring water onto the building, but I quote “it looks like they are just spitting on it”. That certainly does not sound good.

Many of us have attended concerts here. Some more then others. It certaintly has a reputation as being a great venue to catch long standing artist as well as up and coming bands. I hope the reports turn out to be not as bad as it sounds or we may have all seen our last shows there.

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