I have a gripe….what else is new right?   This time, I simply want to say that I am sick and tired of this 80’s movie remake craze.  Every time I see another announcement of an “in production” movie, its another movie that I really enjoyed from my childhood getting served up as the latest bastard child of this decade. 

Lets take a look at just a couple of the movies that are awesome, and still relevant, that are in production today. 

Can you believe some of the movies on this list?  This doesn’t include the abominations that have already been re-made….like Friday the 13th.  How about the sequels that have been coming out…like Indiana Jones and they Crystal Dildo.

I started thinking about this because it was just announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall is being remade.  Although Total Recall was released in 1990, it still has that 80’s action vibe, and was really “made” in the 80’s….so I say it counts. 

As for whether or not they should remake TR, I would say that the remake would be worse than if they remade Psycho in color, using the exact same script ….. wait they did that and it sucked.  So don’t expect much out of a Recall Reboot.

Remakes seem to be a sign of the times.  Looks like 2010 will be the year of 80’s movie remakes.  I know why they do this….to capitalize on the name recognition, cut back on marketing costs etc.  However, I don’t care how it’s easier to market a remake as a “sure thing” money maker, and I’m started to get a little jaded by all the crap that’s being made.  Eventually everyone will stop seeing these, and they’ll stop making them – that time just can’t come quick enough.

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