You know those scooters at the super market that the really really fat people or elderly are riding around to shop for their groceries.  Well, a woman in the UK was wasted and decided to steal one to “drive” home. 

Amanda Leaff, 46, said “she had taken the buggy from an Asda supermarket to save herself the taxi fare for her trip home.”

Evidently she had intended on returning it the next day.  However, her “erratic” driving behavior got her spotted by the police after about two miles of riding.  After being pulled over, she became abusive and was arrested for Drunk Driving. 

Ms Leaff was given a 20-month driving ban and £240 fine for being twice the legal blood alcohol limit.  

SoItGoes was telling me that he was at a bar the other night and someone told him a story about getting a DUI while riding a horse.  I didn’t believe him….come on ludicrous right?  Given this story, maybe not.   I say if you’re going to get arrested for drunk scooter riding, you might as well get arrested on this scooter cooler below: 

This cooler scooter is an actual invention.  It’s called the Cruzin Cooler.  If you’re interested, you can find them at this site:

.  I think it’s one of the coolest things ever invented.  I’ll need to buy one for tailgating next season.   We’ll just need to watch out for the POLICE…don’t want to get a DUI.

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